fairness in machine learning, online learning, bandit problems, computational learning theory, differential privacy, combinatorics. 


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Fairness in Linear Bandit Problems   Fairness, Accountability, and Transparency in Machine Learning (FATML) 2016. Presented at NYU Law School, November 2016. Full version: Rawlsian Fairness for Machine Learning.  with: Matt Joseph, Michael Kearns, Jamie Morgenstern, Aaron Roth

[1]  Aztec Castles and the dP3 Quiver

[The Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical, 2015]

Mahalanobis Matching and Equal Percent Bias Reduction

Senior Honors Thesis Harvard University 2015, High Honors. Supervised by Natesh Pillai.

Plane Partitions and Domino TilingsIntel STS Semifinalist 2011.

A new bijection between domino tilings of aztec diamonds and plane partitions is developed, leading to a simple proof of the generating function. A purely combinatorial proof of the Aztec Diamond Theorem due to [EKLP] is given. PDF available upon request.